Football | “Everyone knows he is a crook!” – Sports Agent on Big Sam

Football | “Everyone knows he is a crook!” – Sports Agent on Big Sam
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Five months after announcing his retirement from football management after keeping Crystal Palace from relegation, Sam Allardyce was back in management again, this time at Everton.

This is Allardyce’s seventh Premier League job and he proved that he is a go-to man for teams in trouble once again, with Everton free-falling before his arrival.

Few would question Allardyce’s ability to manage teams at a certain level, and he holds a proud record of not getting a club relegated. But the conduct of Allardyce was his undoing at his biggest ever gig – the England job – when he was sacked after getting caught up in a Daily Telegraph sting, allegedly offering to give advice on how to get around on FA rules on player third party ownership and negotiating a £400,000 deal, subject to FA approval.

As a result, he left his job as England manager by mutual agreement with the FA after just one game.

Sports agent Fintan Drury, founder and executive of Platinum One, represents over 90 footballers, and is astounded that Sam Allardyce has gotten yet another job in management.

“It was staggering that there was talk of Everton appointing him but football has this capacity to convince itself that it doesn’t matter or people change,” Drury said at an Ethics in Sport conference in Trinity College Dublin.

“He’s a crook, everyone knows he’s a crook.

“I tried to take him to court when he was manager of Bolton. We had a young player who has since played at international level.

“Sam had called the player in, said he was doing really well and that he wanted to offer him a new contract.

“He got up to go and Sam said ‘where are you going? If you want your new contract, you get this guy to ring the chairman and he’ll sort out the contract’.

“He said ‘He’s the agent that will deal with it’. So the boy said ‘I have an agent’. Then Sam said ‘you don’t understand, you don’t get a contract unless this agent rings the chairman’.

“The agent was Allardyce’s agent. This has been going on for years.

“You might expect a manager to be corrupt who was struggling or stuck for cash but it’s usually the managers that have a bit already.

“The lack of ethics is endemic. The FA itself has serious questions over it. You have to take them with a pinch of salt as they appointed Sam Allardyce as manager of the England football team.”

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