A Street View from Leicester


What more can be said about Leicester?

The Foxes have enjoyed a fairy-tale season, and the highlight came on Saturday evening, when they were presented with the Premier League trophy.

It was the first Premier League/first division trophy in the club’s 132 year history, and Claudio Ranieri’s men celebrated in style. Andre Bocelli – clad in a blue Leicester jersey – even sang at the King Power before the home tie with Everton.

Football fans from all around the world have looked on with envy as the entire city of Leicester celebrated as one.

Our follower Clare French, from County Meath, has been living in Leicester since January, and I contacted her to gain an insight into the incredible atmosphere in the city over the past week;

“The chanting started outside my house at 10am on Saturday morning!”

Clare described how signs of Leicester’s title-winning escapades have become ubiquitous, and even local lunch menus have been Leicester themed in recent weeks.

She also happens to live opposite Hogarths, the pub from which the world was provided with incredible scenes (via Sky Sports) as Leicester city supporters celebrated Chelsea’s draw with Spurs.

The celebrations were so raucous, in fact, that Clare could hear them from her apartment.

Chelsea’s dramatic draw with Spurs meant that Leicester were officially champions, and unsurprisingly, celebrations were still in full swing on Saturday.

Clare’s friend Ellen Lally had booked flights weeks ago to visit Clare. Ellen admits that she has little interest in soccer, but as luck would have it, her visit coincided with the coronation of the champions;

“It was such a lucky coincidence. The atmosphere was absolutely incredible. The streets were jammed and everyone was in high spirits.I’m not mad about soccer but I’ve never seen anything like it!”

Fans travelled from all over Europe for the celebrations, and Ellen explained that they met a large number of ecstatic Italians who’d flown to Leicester especially for the game.

The fans who converged on the city weren’t to be disappointed, as Leicester cruised to a stylish 3-1 victory over Everton.

Clare and Ellen watched the game itself in the Dry Dock, and as you can see, the pub was buoyant.

The celebrations did not end with the final whistle, as captain Wes Morgan was presented with the Premier League trophy in front of a sold out King Power stadium.

Another Meath man, Cathal McCabe, also flew over to the city with his friends for the game, and described the amazing atmosphere that greeted them;

“Leicester was brilliant. The locals never seen the likes of it and never will again. We tried to get into two pubs on Sunday morning but they actually ran completely out of drink! It was definitely the best moment as a Leicester fan since I started supporting them three weeks ago!”

It was the perfect end to a perfect season for the Foxes, who also have Champions League football to look forward to next season.

Whether or not they can retain their crown is another matter, but it has been an historic season for Ranieri’s men, and the celebrations are showing no signs of letting up anytime soon.

by David Smith

David Smith

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