About Us

The Season Ticket is a long-form sports publication which covers a range of sports in the form of written, video and podcast productions.

The website was founded by five Irish journalists in 2016, and has continued to grow and expand since then.

In the birth and progression of online journalism, readers are being starved of quality content. The online media landscape has become saturated with clickbait and click-based revenue models.

The Season Ticket aims to stray from the journalistic methods symbolic of the current online media market. Instead, the website focuses on generating news and features of real quality and intrigue.

The Season Ticket team are invested in engaging the reader, sparking debate, and providing a fresh and unique angle in an environment that has unfortunately, for the majority, become so predictable.

You can find us on  Twitter and on Facebook, and you can contact us at theseasonticket2@gmail.com.